HR Compliance Solutions Compliance Newsletter
February 2021!

With Updates on Trending Workplace Regulations!!

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E-Book Testimonial

10 Steps to Conduct an Internal I-9 Form Audit
and Avoid Fines, Penalties, and Criminal Sanctions!

Alan Collins
Founder, Success in HR, Inc.
Former Vice-President-Human Resources, PepsiCo

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Diversity & Inclusion
in the Workplace in 2021
An Exclusive Webinar for Friend,
Colleagues and Clients
of HR Compliance Solutions,Llc

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What Should Employers and Professional
Expect for Compliance Initiatives in 2021
While the nation waits for the New Administration
to start making changes in focus for the workplace,
it is imperative to understand what the forecast
tells us and how Employers and Professionals
can prepare.

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Training as a Cost-Effective Compliance Strategy

Employees can be discriminated against for many
reasons. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity
Commission the main reasons are age, disability, equal pay,
national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, retaliation, sex,
and sexual harassment.

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Friend to Small Businesses

Ally to HR Professionals

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Human Resources Consulting for Small Business

Small to midsize do not have the luxury of hiring specialized human resources employees as they grow their business. However, businesses of more than 10-15 employees are liable for violations of Federal, State and Local regulatory laws …

Workplace Compliance Webinars

Research has proven that workplace risk can decrease if we provide training to  Employers, Managers, professionals, and anyone responsible for ensuring the Employer’s risk management strategy. Attending workplace compliance webinars is a great way to ensure Managers are trained appropriately as well as reduce the likelihood of discrimination allegations.

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Federal & State Labor Laws Regulation Compliance

Title VII Civil Rights Act, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Military Leave Act (MLA), Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Department of  Wage & Hour, Affordable Care Act (ACA), Workers Compensation and the new Overtime Rule that is effective…

Why Do Businesses Need Us?

Small to mid-size companies are not aware of all the changes in employment laws that can impact them. Companies also do not have the luxury of hiring additional specialized human resources professionals as they grow their business. However, companies with 15 employees and more are liable for violating Federal, State and Local laws and regulations. They may not have the time or the skill set to ensure they are in compliance. Hiring HR Compliance Solutions is a convenient and professional way to ensure your company is in compliance with all the workplace laws impacting your company. You can also save money since you only tap into our services when you have a need.