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Our Company is your number one source for workplace compliance and professional human resources services. We surpass the competition in knowledge, work ethics, passion and dedication. We have a team of HR professionals with industry certification, experience and skills to bring your business or HR department in compliance with all workplace regulations. 

Meet our Compliance Team!


Margie Faulk, PHR, SHRM-CP

HR Compliance Solutions, LLC. Compliance Officer

Margie is a senior level human resources professional with over 14 years of HR management and compliance experience A current Compliance Officer for HR Compliance Solutions, Margie has worked as an HR and Compliance advisor for major corporations and small businesses in the small, large, private, public and Non-profit sectors.  This includes Federal Contracting in the defense, military, anti-terrorism and Apache Helicopter Training Simulations with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Federal Sentencing Guidelines (FSG) and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program (OFCCP). Margie is bilingual (Spanish) fluent and Bi-cultural.

Margie’s focus has expanded to Global Workplace Compliance in International, multi-state, multi-National, state and local workplace compliance which includes workplace compliance in other countries like the UK, Canada, France, Brazil, China, Africa, Mexico, and India, just to name a few.

Margie has created and presented seminars/webinars for many compliance institutes. These national training providers, offer compliance training to HR professionals, business owners and companies interested in having their company compliant with workplace and industry regulations.

This year, Margie was selected by Alan Collins, former Vice President of Human Resources at PepsiCo, a renowned author of 8 books on HR Prosperity & Success, and founder of “Success in HR”, to be part of his Mastermind Your Way to Success in HR, “Expert Interview Series” based on her successful Webinars/Seminars on HR Compliance.


Margie holds professional human resources (PHR) from the HR Certification Institution (HRCI) and SHRM-CP certification from Society for Human Resources Management, Membership in the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE). 

Darika Aliaga

HR Compliance Coordinator


Darika Aliaga has over 6 years of HR administration and HR Coordinator experience. Starting in HR in 2010, Darika was hired as HR Administrator for Nephron Pharmaceutical Corporation where she worked developing and organizing employee personnel files, evaluating employees for specific positions and working alongside the HR Director as a valued member of the HR Team. Darika found her passion and continued to follow the HR career path. In 2012, Darika was promoted to Training Administrator in less than 2 years at the company.  In 2014 Darika was hired as HR Administrator for Jr. Davis Construction Company in Kissimmee, FL. In that capacity, Darika provided HR administrative support and interaction with over 650 employees and the prominent translator to Spanish speaking candidates and employees. Darika also provided translation services for official and legal documents. Tasks including background screening, drug screening, data entry and the point of contact as a benefit liaison.

In 2015, Darika was identified as a “high potential” by the new HR Direct of Jr. Davis Construction and was promoted to HR Coordinator. Darika was involved in the recruitment process where she was responsible for increasing hiring 30% and creating a checklist to identify quality entry-level employees. In 2016, Darika had the opportunity to be a member of the HR Compliance Solutions consulting team. This was in line with her desire to return to school and spend time with her young daughter. A valued member of the HR Compliance Solutions team, Darika will focus on client services, translations, updating the website, guiding us into efficient technology and participating in the growth of the company.

Darika will attend Valencia College and focus on HR and business management. Darika is a member of SHRM and will attend several trainings in HR management as part of her HR career path.


Jessica Reed

HR Training Specialist

Jessica Reed is an accomplished teacher and trainer who has trained teenagers to adults with a unique approach to teaching that has engaged many students. Jessica’s creativity and learning style have impressed me to the point that I asked her to join the HR Compliance Team to assist with the webinar and seminar component of the company. The webinars seminar component has really exploded and Jessica has provided the creativity and structure to the compliance training to make it soar. Jessica will focus on creating training presentations and curriculum using federal, state and local regulations to train employers, small business owners, HR professionals compliance professionals, leadership, and managers. We welcome Jessica to the HR Compliance Team!

Introducing Eva, the HR Compliance Diva. Eva is a member of the HR Compliance Solutions Team. Eva has several years of experience as a compliance professional. Her area of expertise is employee relations and HR compliance consulting. Eva answers all types of questions from HR professionals to small business owners to large employers. Eva’s expertise is in compliance training and auditing. Eva is responsible for answering inquiries, promoting compliance training and sponsoring the HR Compliance Solutions Newsletter. Eva has been invited to several conferences to answer difficult workplace compliance questions and is now exploring multi-state workplace compliance and Global/International workplace regulations. You can have Eva, answer your workplace compliance question. Eva is bilingual (Spanish), Fluent.

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