Webinars-Workplace Compliance Webinars and Seminars- Select a webinar topic scheduled throughout the year and for a cost of minimum $200, attend a webinar and get certification credits and a certificate of completion.

Initial Consultation-(Free) – We will meet with the client to discuss the needs and the services that are a match with their needs

Project Based Consulting – As part of our free consultation, we will develop and program that meets the needs of the company/HR department. We accommodate the needs of the company and build the services needed. Our Project Based Program targets projects that are selected by the client. At times, the company only needs I9 self-audit and corrections or Employee Handbook review. The projects can be bundled for cost savings and can be modified at any time.

Retainer – Secure the continual services of a Senior Level, Certified Human Resources Professional at fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Receive unlimited telephone and e-mail access for guidance on those daily employee issues. We’ll start with a comprehensive audit of your current Human Resource practices, then we’ll develop your custom HR compliance Service Plan and. Your Retainer Program is designed to meet your company’s HR needs by maintaining employment compliance standards necessary to keep your company compliant. This program includes quarterly review and updates.

How we work