Types of Compliance Training by HR Compliance Solutions, LLC

Compliance Topic Specific Webinar

These Compliance Webinars are topic specific and can be created based on the selection of the client. Clients can be an Employer, Leadership, HR Professionals, Managers/Supervisors or any individual who wants to ensure compliance in their workplace.
The cost of these webinars’ ranges from $49-$99* and includes free customized compliance tools for all the attendees, Certification credits and certificate of attendance and a replay of the webinar. The duration of the webinar ranges from 1 hour-1.5 hours.

Specialized Manager Training Webinar

Specialized Manager/Supervisor/HR Professionals training is specifically for training on compliance topics that all Leadership need to have in order to be compliant with current and upcoming laws and regulations there are 6-9 sessions and includes topics that are a must for all managers and leaders. It also is great for entry level HR professionals and HR teams. This component comes with extra Compliance toolkits/Programs for I-9 Internal Audit, Correction & Storage Program, Criminal Background Check Ban the Box Policy & Decision Matrix to support decisions in case of discrimination claims, several Customized E-Books, certification credits, attendance certificate and many resources. Each registrant will receive 90 days of free employee relations inquiries. These compliance webinars range in cost from $199-$250* and the duration ranges from 2 hours -3 hours. Group rate discounts are available.

Compliance Seminars/Conference & Convention (Onsite)

Compliance Seminars are requested by Employers who want to have onsite training for their employees or managers. The onsite training could range from 3 hours to full day training, to 2-3-day conference days. The cost is discussed with the client and includes travel, lodging and the cost of training. For more information please contact Margie Faulk directly at mfaulk@hrcompliance.net or via phone at (407)914-7336.

HR Compliance Solutions, LLC offers other compliance consulting services to Employers and Individuals:

Employee Handbook Review

Development and state by state regulations update – Have your Employee Handbook and standalone polices reviewed by a qualified and certified HR Compliance Professional with experience in federal, state and local regulations.

I-9 Internal Audit, Correction and Storage Program

With the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration Customs Enforcement raids and audits on the rise and the message by DHS to increase audits to 15,000 audits per year, it isn’t if there will be an audit, it is when. This program has been researched and proven to reduce risk of fines and penalties and has been accepted by DHS. This is a step by step training program with free customized tools to assist in conducting an internal audit and prepare for an external audit by ICE.

Ban the Box Decision and Policy Program

Because there are more states joining the bandwagon for Ban the Box Requirements, it is critical for Employers to create a strong criminal background screening process that can assist in the potential for discrimination allegations after a rejection of employment based on the results of the background screening. It is not only to adjust your applications, posting and interview questions, Employers must create a policy and the list of convictions they do not want to accept. Employers still have control in their decisions to hire as long as they create policies that will support their decisions and not put them at risk of negligent hiring.

Compliance Consulting and Coaching

Get the benefit of having a compliance officer as part of your team. Compliance consulting & coaching offers support to Leadership and the HR Professionals so they can conduct their day to day business. This is a new component and is a monthly service for serious Employers who want the month by month support to enhance their compliance strategies. This program includes unlimited webinar training, employee relations inquiries, management of a hotline, investigations and support during internal and external audits. For more information contact Margie Faulk, Compliance officer at (407)914-7336 mfaulk@hrcompliance.net www.hrcompliance.biz

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