Employee Handbook & Policies Development

Did you know that Employee Handbooks can be a risk or a benefit for Employers? For years an Employee Handbook has been one of the first documents employment law attorneys request when they are planning to pursue workplace charges against an Employer. Shouldn’t you ensure that your employee handbook protects your company instead of exposing it to numerous risk? Let me help you create an employee handbook that will reduce your companies’ risk and help you mitigate the numerous workplace regulations that can impact your company.

In my workplace compliance experience, employees review the handbook when they are new employees coming onboard to a company and when they are considering leaving the company or when they are considering suing the company.

Employee handbooks have been a tool for Employers from small to large companies for several years. Many companies elect to have employee handbooks and utilize employee handbook templates that are provided online which we call “cookie cutter handbook” since they are created as a “one size fits all”. Unfortunately, employee handbooks can be a huge risk if not updated regularly, adapted to each company, reflect policies that are followed consistently and reflect current regulations.

Learn which regulations must be in your employee handbook to avoid fines & Penalties!

For a qualified HR Compliance Professional review your employee handbook and policies, contact Margie Faulk, PHR, SHRM-CP at mfaulk@hrcompliance.net.