15 Errors Managers Make and How to Fix Them


Errors by Managers Cost Companies Thousands in Fines, Penalties and Even Criminal Sanctions!

Learn to Reduce Your Compliance exposure while Building an Effective Risk Management Strategy that Works!

What do employees say about their managers?

In a Monster survey, when asked to rate their boss on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being “horrible” and 5 being “excellent,” 38% of respondents chose 1 and Only 17% chose 5. So when your friends complain about their horrible bosses, they may not be stretching the truth.

These stats are bad news to all bosses. A study by Accenture shows the top four reasons employees quit, and 31% said that it was because they disliked their boss. So, companies have no choice but to develop strong leaders because otherwise they simply won’t be sustainable

Factors on Manager’s Impact on their Employees

  • Research has shown that most employees state their relationship with their Manager as a reason for resigning;
  • Many Managers are selected because they are good at their jobs but are not taught how to manage employees;
  • Many Managers are not provided training on how to be an effective Manager;
  • Many Managers are not taught how to discipline employees and those who are, are not consistent;
  • Many Managers are not trained on workplace compliance issues that can be a risk for Companies in discrimination claims, allegations of wrongful termination;
  • Most Managers do not realize they can be sued for their actions under “vicarious Liability!

This Booklet write by our expert writer/speakerMargie Faulk, PHR, SHRM-CP is a senior level human resources professional with over 14 years of HR management and compliance experience. A current Compliance Advisor for HR Compliance Solutions, LLC  and this is intended to provide an overview of the 15 Errors HR Managers Make And How To Fix Them? to provide information on how employers can step up their efforts in ensuring immigration compliance. (e-Book size: 8 x 11 format 40 pages).

Learning Objectives:

  • Does your company have an Employee Handbook or Policies?
  • What Should be Included in the Employee Handbook
  • Is Your State-Required to Follow Ban the Box or other Background Screening Regulations?
  • Who is Exempt from Ban the Box Initiatives?
  • How is Negligent Hiring Impacted by Ban the Box Initiatives?
  • How to Avoid Risk of Violating Ban the Box Decisions?
  • What is a Decision Matrix and Why Should Employers Have One?
  • Where do Managers Learn How to Manage?
  • How Do You Handle Workplace Crisis?
  • How to document performance issues to withstand legal scrutiny?
  • What do employees say about their managers?
  • What States Need to Watch Out for in State-Specific Trends
  • What is Vicarious Liability and Why Should Employers?
  • Where Can Violations Happen?
  • Factors on Manager’s Impact on their Employees
  • Be a Boss Not a Buddy!
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