Vendor Evaluation and Assessment of Services

Vendor Evaluation and Assessment of Services- Have you ever conducted an evaluation of vendors or providers for your Company? If so, you know how much time it takes to evaluate several vendors to make the selection that is best for you. It could take over 12 weeks of meetings, demos, and assessments not including implementation. Since your time is valuable, we will evaluate all the providers and down select to the best 3 vendors. We will then schedule the presentations for you and your team. We will stay on through the implementation to ensure everything is on point.

For vendors like benefit brokers, insurance brokers, payroll providers, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) solutions, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Performance Management Systems, you want to make the right decision on quality, service, and cost. At HR Compliance Solutions, LLC, we are experienced at evaluating vendors and providers to select the most efficient and cost-effective service for your Company. Using our experience and methodology, we can streamline the selection process to let you get back to your responsibilities. For more information, contact Margie Faulk @