In some states, businesses are required to provide mandatory training for their managers and employees on workplace laws. Sexual Harassment, Workplace Violence, FMLA Discrimination and Wage & Hour, Anti-Retaliation and now new Overtime Rules, just to name a few. Many issues can be resolved or diverted if manager were trained on these workplace issues. It would be a plus for employees and managers to be aware of these laws that impact the workplace. When managers are trained, it may reduce fines and penalties. It minimally will demonstrate a “Good Faith Effort” during litigation. Additionally, managers are just as liable as the company if workplace issues are not addressed. HR Compliance Solutions developed a Leadership Series (6-8 sessions, 1 hour each) that can be offered to managers and potential managers to give them the resources they need to handle these difficult issues. Empower your company by empowering your managers. For more information, contact Margie Faulk at